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Australian Poultry Forum™ (A.P.F™) is 100% Australian Owned & Operated running on our unique & exclusive private server in Australia.

Proudly part of the Australian Poultry Group (APG)



Australian Poultry Forum™ commenced in June 2005 (Peacocks Australia Forum). The primary goal of the Forum was to promote & support poultry & poultry breeders in the form of a web discussion forum. Although Poultry based Forums were not a new concept around the world, in Australia their was no options available to poultry breeders for an Australian owned & operated web discussion forum with poultry information relevant to Australian poultry breeders. Australian Poultry Forum™ offered a connection point for poultry breeders from all parts of Australia including remote areas giving them the opportunity to talk to like mined people. Australian Poultry Forum™ was set up with Topic specific forums such as Chicken Chat & Peafowl Chat and many more allowing clear areas for members & guest to view and post in the poultry most interesting to them * 2005 Australian Poultry Forum™ held the first Photo Competition and was the first Poultry Forum in Australia to hold online Photo Competitions with prizes * 2007 Forum Merchandise was launched initially Polo shirts & Caps and now the largest range available from a poultry forum* 2007 the Forum Notice Board was launched * 2007 the Forum Photo Gallery was up-graded to the current Gallery *  February 2008 we launched A.P.F Online Poultry Show with great success. Although the concept was not new in the U.K & U.S.A we introduced a unique version for Australia by offering Prize money, Trophies & Rosettes to the winners. A.P.F™ is the only poultry forum in Australia to offer such prizes in an Online Poultry Show * 2008 we launched A.P.F™ Breeders Directory * 2008 we launched A.P.F™ Online Poultry Show Gallery the only Forum to offer a dedicated Online Poultry Show Gallery  * 2008 we launched the unique A.P.F™ Online Gazette, a semi automated, fully functional online Poultry Magazine. 



Australian Poultry Forum (A.P.F™) is the no1 Poultry Forum in Australia and one of, if not, the worlds biggest poultry forum. We have the unique honor of the largest poultry community and largest poultry resource in Australia and one of the biggest in the world today. We have achieved this by uniquely offering a genuine and honest environment with total integrity, professional ownership and operation unseen elsewhere from this country. This in turn attracted and continues to attract  genuine poultry lovers from every corner of Australia and the globe. A.P.F™ grows every second and will continue to dominate poultry in Australia and the world for decade/centuries to come.


The Forum, The Photo Gallery, The Online Show Gallery & Auction Site are looked after by "Tier IIII" technical support with an intimate knowledge of PHP & PHPBB from our Sydney based I.T office. A.P.F has three live test site both are duplicates of the Forum used solely for test modifications & security up-grades. Only stable modifications are implemented on A.P.F


A.P.F supports Phpbb measures to "Stop Forum Spam" We do not allow know Spammers to register on the Forum, this applies to all know spammer types & Forum serial pests & know trouble makers.. Our Automated Security will delete & then block all registration attempts. A.P.F does not support, allow links to, allow reference to, or mention of, sites that use Spammers to push up the number of registered users. These rogue Forums  appear on World Forumers Blacklist.



What does A.P & A.P.F™ Offer "100% FREE"


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Our Deputy Admin is: Raf

Who Moderates the Forum:

A.P.F™ currently has 27 volunteer Moderators

We refer to our Moderators as the "A Team" which is an apt description as each has show a clear understanding of Forums and the importance of fair and balanced moderation. Moderators are critical to the day to day running of the Forum and we are proud of the "A Team" Today A.P.F is a genuine "Poultry Community" built on the dedication & support of our helpful, knowledgeable & friendly Members. A.P.F is well know and documented as the unique friendly forum with a consistent zero tolerance for personal insults & personal attacks (bullying) since 2005.


A.P.F is a proud member of   "World Forumers"

A.P.F is constantly improving all of our sites through up-grades and stable modifications.