Chess Duels by Seirawan Compiled by hms Karpov/Seirawan, Roquebrune (rapid), , 53 moves. Ch. 3 Vassily Smyslov Smyslov vs Seirawan, Yasser Seirawan provides a fascinating and highly entertaining account of his games and encounters with the world champions of chess. Chess Duels has 54 ratings and 2 reviews. Four-time US Champion Yasser Seirawan provides a fascinating and highly entertaining account of his games and e.

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Seirawan vs Karpov in ‘Chess Duels’ | ChessBase

Exactly as in our game in Tilburg that he had won. It was quite a treat. The view at least those quoted words on Fischer is funny, but useless and misleading, when not wrong. Thirdly, because I had a draw that I missed in time-trouble. As this conversation moved chwss the table something began to stir in me.

Chess Duels (Seirawan)

Lajos Portisch too began to feel uncomfortable. Boost your calculation skills. Daan 8 years 2 months ago Permalink. That game continued He has a good hold of the center, the two bishops and prospects of exploiting White’s advanced queenside pawn as well.

It was an exhausting effort for which a big fat zero appeared on the crosstable with suels acknowledgment for all my suffering.

Chess Duels: My Games with the World Champions

This has brought him into close personal contact with many of these champions. Certainly, if any player had winning chances here it would have been Black.


Yet for some reason I was happy to see it. Books by Yasser Seirawan.

Again, Anatoly has the opportunity to reel the victory home by Anatoly rejected the attractive-looking centralization We could hardly believe what we saw. In that case Peter 8 years 2 months ago Permalink. Vassily, quite a tall man with large hands, grasped his d2-pawn and, fumbling, stumbling, rumbling, it somehow made its way to the d4-square where it was plopped down rather shakily, released with a doubt and the clock was slapped.

It would be best that I ask my Hungarian Chess Federation. Hardcoverpages.

On this DVD you will be taken on a journey through what is arguably the sharpest opening line known to men. Bc3, Black has no defense against the threatened Play, analyze and train online against Fritz.

Such characterizations sound so corny and funny, I just have to laugh. Bd3 is a simple and easy to learn answer to the Caro-Kann. In terms of putting chess history into perspective, I think nobody has ever done a better job than Seirawan. The most shocking was Vassily Smyslov. A much better read than the similarly themed Timman’s Titans. Here was an author who struggled over his decisions, suffered a missed blow, or found that opportunity unexpectedly called.

Neither before sdirawan game dduels at the board did this move occur to me. With regards to Seirawan’s book, it contains wonderful stories along with wonderful games. Sander 8 years 2 months ago Permalink. In fact, his first meeting with Seirawa, at the Olympiad in Malta, is such a bizarre story directly connected to Kasparov that I won’t share it here, except to tell you once again that it is really, really incredible.


I was more concerned about In this note, there is also a temptation to grab the hanging a3-pawn as well, which I restrained myself from doing. I was the weakest player at the table by far, and Larry would have to carry the team.

After I read the book I seirawaj like buying Yassar some beers and talk some more about his adventures in the chess world. Immediately after the adjournment Karpov indicated he had overlooked a magnificent win here. To quote from an old Los Angeles Times article This book is certainly good and very nicely produced hardback.

Seirawan vs Karpov in ‘Chess Duels’

But personally, I was quite glad to see it and considered it dubious. Enjoy adrenalin rush with tactic fights! Still no ChessBase Account?