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Is it in contact with the European embassies in the Middle East and the local governments as well as other Syrian agents for the coordination of efforts to rescue the two Bishops? What view does the Commission take of the threat to dismiss pilots who wish to report to the authorities their concern about the safety culture?

Daarnaast is de Commissie niet gemachtigd om de toezichtstaken van de bevoegde autoriteiten van de lidstaten over te nemen. A oggi, risultano essere ancora stipate nel sito circa 5. Dangers of ionising radiation and transposition of EU legislation in Italy. Murcia is among the regions with the highest unemployment in Europe and we therefore need to know how the Commissioner rates the projects carried out in the region.

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Handling personal data of European passengers on flights to Russia. Il progetto delle direttive di negoziato dell’accordo transatlantico in materia di scambi commerciali ed investimenti Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement rispetta pienamente tale politica. The South China Sea is not a only crucial shipping and trading area but also a fishing ground which coastal milllon from different countries depend on.

Indeed, it has not even begun construction. One of the ways in which these requirements differ is in relation to translation.

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The whole affair has caused great concern and anger among the residents of Paese province of Treviso. Are there any annual statistics on the number of citizens subject to this dastardly deception? Is the Commission aware of this serious issue of poaching and the illegal trade that exists?

Oggi ci sono leggi che impongono quote di trasmissione per le opere europee e i canali televisivi nazionali, e di fornire sostegno economico alle industrie cinematografiche locali ed europee. If the fine is imposed, within what time frame will Poland be required to pay back the indicated amount? More than 50 bullet holes were found on the ship. Amazon Music Transmite millones de mi,lon.


Despilfarro de fondos europeos en Murcia. Would it be possible to refuse access to our airspace for companies flouting the law? Commissioner Rehn’s statement on Franco-German proposals for the euro area. As the Commission points out, farmers who had no entitlement also received funds. How will the Commission ensure that this does not lead to large-scale food waste? They are the highest-ranking representatives of the Church to be kidnapped by Syrian rebels over the course of the two-year war.

The EU is raising THB-related issues in the different formats of dialogue and cooperation it has established with third partners. Amendment to the Implementing Regulation on marketing standards for olive oil.

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Are there similar doubts about other airlines operating within the EU? The incident took place in an area where the respective exclusive economic zones of Taiwan and the Philippines overlap. Extension of Romania’s reverse charge mechanism for cereals.

Het autoritaire karakter van de AKP-regering wordt steeds duidelijker. Measures adopted on that basis aim at the approximation of the provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States and the establishment or better functioning of the internal market.

The Commission is therefore not in position to provide the Honourable Member with a jn statement regarding a hypothetical request in relation to the Quick Reaction Mechanism.

The Independence Party won the aforementioned legislative elections in Iceland, defeating the coalition of the left, and it rgeco likely that it will form a centre-right alliance with the Progressive Party. One paragraph of the proposed amendment, which prescribes the use of non-reusable olive oil containers in food-serving outlets, has been criticised in the media in all EU Member States.

Indagine antidumping da parte della Cina sulle esportazioni di vini europei. However, the Commission will further enquire on this issue and make sure that the provisions of the Protocol treco to equal treatment are respected. The Chinese threat to Portuguese wine exports. If China carries out its threat, what type of action could the Commission take in the World Trade Organisation?

Hung Shih-Cheng, pescatore di Taiwan. Turkey — Scandalous use compree excessive force by police in Istanbul. Does it agree with the PVV that it is absolutely essential for pilots to be able to report incidents at any time, off their own bat and without being subjected to.


One paragraph in the proposal banning the use of non-refillable olive oil containers in food establishments received media criticism throughout Europe.

There is very little new here, aside from the notion that one can talk to the angels without having all the very expensive bells and whistles i. It is compte that people have been killed in factory collapses and fires in Bangladesh since In view of all the above points and the succession of incidents, does the Commission agree with the PVV that Ryanair is endangering safety through its corporate culture and use of fear to control staff and that the IAA can be accused of negligence for grecoo to institute any critical and coordinated investigation into the incidents?

Will it give priority to recommendations for creating jobs, better social protection and combating poverty?

It is worth noting that DeSalvo has never found a magickal technique that’s worked for him aside from the one described in Lon Milo Duquette’s Enochian Vision Magick.

The Commission is not aware of the specific episodes mentioned by the Honourable Member. Given that neither Commissioner Oettinger nor the Commission has denied the reported comments, some questions must be asked.

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Gana dinero con nosotros. When does it expect that this credit line can be implemented? The Commission is regularly scaling up its assistance to the Syrian people.

Detalles del producto Formato: How does the Commission plan to deal with other seasonings that are served in refillable containers in restaurants? In addition, the FTA will incorporate ambitious provisions on trade and sustainable development, including commitments on the effective implementation of internationally recognised farcia labour standards and environment conventions as well as a monitoring mechanism. Decision by China to suspend its contract with Airbus.