The Elements of Style, Revised Edition, by William Strunk Jr. and Edward Foreword by Roger Angell. THE FIRST writer I watched at work was my stepfather. The Elements of Style is a prescriptive American English writing style guide in numerous . Components new to the fourth edition include a foreword by Roger Angell, stepson of E. B. White, an afterword by the American cultural commentator. An approach to style. Responsibility: by William Strunk, Jr. ; with revisions, an introduction, and a chapter on writing by E.B. White ; [foreword by Roger Angell].

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Roger Angell

When the new issue of The New Yorker turned up in Maine, I sometimes saw him reading his “Comment” piece over to himself, with only a slightly different expression than the one he’d worn on the day it went off. You recognize the stylr. Components new to the fourth edition include a foreword by Roger Angellstepson of E.

Pinker, Steven, Published: Why run and hide? The third edition of The Elements of Style features 54 points: I am told that the News editor was so charmed by the visit, if not by the word, that he ordered the student body buried, never to rise again.

White Self-published books Composition. To be batting only.

In the days when I was sitting in his class, he omitted so many needless words, and omitted them so forcibly and with such eagerness and obvious relish, that he often seemed in the position of having shortchanged himself — a man left with nothing more to say yet with time to fill, a radio prophet who had out-distanced the clock.


Will Strunk got out of this predicament foteword a simple trick: How simple they look, set down here in White’s last chapter: A Few Matters of Form p.

The Elements of Style is a prescriptive American English writing style guide in numerous editions. Today, fifty-two years later, its vigor is unimpaired, and for sheer pith I eelements it probably sets a record that is not likely to be broken. I’ll tell you right now that every aspiring writer should read The Elements of Style.

Somewhat audaciously, and in an attempt to give my publisher his money’s worth, I added a chapter called “An Approach to Style,” setting forth my own prejudices, my notions of error, my articles of faith. In the English classes of today, “the little book” is surrounded by longer, lower fodeword — books with permissive steering and automatic transitions. Make the paragraph the unit of composition p. The professor devotes a special wlements to the vile expression the fact thata phrase that causes him to quiver with revulsion.

He was so sure of where he stood, and made his position so clear and so plausible, that his xngell stance has continued to invigorate me — and, I am sure, thousands of other ex-students — during the years that have intervened since our first encounter. Place a comma before a conjunction introducing an independent clause p. The edition features White’s expansions of preliminary sections, the “Introduction” essay derived from his magazine feature story about Prof.


The Elements of Style – Wikipedia

Macmillan and Company subsequently commissioned White to revise The Elements for a edition Strunk had died in First expanded edition Use orthodox spelling p. A second edition of the book was published in Meantime, Professor Strunk had died.

They are the way. Place yourself in the background elejents. He was a memorable man, friendly and funny.

The Elements of Style by William Strunk

To me, it still seems to maintain its original poise, standing, in a drafty time, erect, angll, and assured. Similar Items The sense of style: Wikisource has original text related to this article: Why compound ignorance with inaudibility?

He disliked the word forceful and advised us to use forcible instead.