Special tools must be available, as described in the manual, together with good- .. Diesel engine models 15W / 18W / 32W are water-cooled, single-cylinder. Manuals for Farymann Diesel Engines. Owner and Workshop Manuals are important documents that should be part of every vessel’s library. They contain the. Farymann Diesel Engines Manual Pdf diesel engine series 15w / 18w – farymann diesel engines gmbh – table of contents

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This value mahual the thickness of the installed adjust- ment shims should be between 57,5 mm 2. Table of contents Table Of Contents Insert the retaining ring with pliers. Crankcase Press the bearing bush with a suitable driver. Remove 2 screws and cupper washers, remove oilscreen Caution Clean oilscreen carefully.

These are matcjing marks i. Gear end cover Remove the 6 allen screws and pull off the gear end cover. The fuel pump rack is controlled whenever the engine is running.


Oil pump Remove the oil pump and valve bracket by un- screwing the farymxnn mounting screws. The engine must only be used as intended.


Replacing Fuel Filter standard Ordering Spare Parts Removing, Installing And Checking Thermostat Crankhandle guide Remove the 2 crankhandle guide screws. Bad Engine Performance Compress rings with ring compressor. In particular, malfunctions which could impair safety must be rectified immediately.

15 W / 18 W

Speed control – Stationary The outer torsion spring pulls the acceleration lever from the stop-position back into idle- position. Install piston from bottom side of the cylinder. Dimensions And Weight Preparing For Start Acceleration lever The acceleration lever is fixed in ist position on the eccentric shaft with a pin.

Dangers And Cause Of Failure Install the gear end cover. If it is not possible to set the correct injection Falke – S Pare Parts Program For correct speed setting the use of the gover- nor adjustment tool is recommended!

Test Run, Adjustments, Checks Attaching Stub Shaft option Dry Type Air Cleaner standard Engine Engine Type Plate Lay the cylinder down on the bench with bottom facing up. Drain fuel, fill with clean diesel.

Farymann Diesel 15W Repair Manual

If necessary tap with a soft faced hammer. Attaching Speed Controller Engine With Electric Starter Excess starting fuel button For ease of starting all engines are fitted with an excess starting pull button. Oilpump Reassemble oilpump with thin pressure relief plate, spring retaining clip and gasket. Safety Notes For Transport Remove the oil channel plug screw and connect oil pressure gauge with adaptor.


Farymann Diesel Categories Engine.

Crankshaft Remove the crankshaft from the crankcase, be- ing careful not to drag the crankshaft gear on the main bearing bushing. Limitation Of Liability Set piston on TDC compression stroke.

Farymann Diesel 18W Manuals

Decompression release Remove 2 screws and pull the decompression Release out of the gearhousing. Alternator Regulator option Replacing Fuel Filter with Thread Oil the bearing shells and install conrod into the crankcase until it seats on the crank pin.

Governor spring, max speed 8. With a drift pin gently hammer piston pin out of the piston from flywheel-side. Carbon resuides on the nozzle tip are removed with a brass wire brush.

Transport, Packing Faryymann Storage