Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough and strategy guide including side quests, Limit Breaks, Guardian Forces, magic juntioning tips and Triple Triad cards game guide. I’m looking for a written guide dedicated to a % run(all gf, cards, limit breaks, items, etc). I’m already aware of speed runs on youtube but. Full game walkthrough with focus on picking up all steam achievements for the game.

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Speak with the Master Fisherman again, and he will ask you to find a pupil of his at the docks. When you are free, go up to the next screen, then enter the first room on your left and use the save point.

Attack it for 5 rounds or so, then scan it. From the screen with the car rental, follow the road up into the city. Follow the ring clockwise and take the next exit up, to the Dormitory.

Final Fantasy Extreme – Final Fantasy 8 VIII – Walkthrough

Page 21 Deling City. He is beeing looked over by Dr. Configure Shiva to learn Str-J. Page 8 Party in da Garden. Softs can also be refined into 3 Breaks each. Tell him “No way.


Remember, your f8f should consist of Squall, Quistis, and Selphie. Walk to the right toward the door to trigger a boss fight. Your goal is the continent south of Fisherman’s Horizon.

Walkthrough:Final Fantasy VIII/Paramina

Examine the statue and remove its left eye. Squall starts babbling about junctions. Once you are fully stocked up, flee the battle.

The first time you enter you will find two doors. Then walk to the left and exit down again f8f of the stairs. You will find three hatches on the floor. This enables you to play cards with most people in Final Fantasy 8 by simply going up to them and pressing the circle.

Final Fantasy VIII FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation – GameFAQs

Enter and examine the control panel. You’ve got some unavoidable battles coming up, so if you don’t have a bunch of Cockatrice cards to refine into Cockatrice Pinions to refine into Breaks, you may want to buy some Softs while you are here in town. Head to Mandy Beach, just east of Timber. On Floor 8, walk left a couple steps to get around the stairs, then down to approach the guards for dialogue.


Head down toward the junction until Sophie runs into you. This may take several hours.

Squall, Zell, and Selphie should now have or so HP each. Approach and talk to the garden faculty member. Then exit to the left. Enjoy some more dialogue.

Walk left along wal,through path to the next screen. Dollet – Part Two: When asked, choose “Yeah, I guess so. You are told by garden faculty that the garden master wants to see you.


Talk to Selphie, Quistis, and then Rinoa twice to trigger some scenes. Have Rinoa hit his Caterchipillar twice, then card it.

Proceed up to the next screen. She runs you through the status-junction tutorial.