I am coming to Heyer in the opposite way, after reading countless romances, including many Regencies. Frederica is the first book I have read by Georgette. Nov 5, The orphaned Frederica has arrived in London in the hopes of She follows Heyer’s late trend of older, sensible heroines who focus on. Frederica is one of Heyer’s best heroines – resourceful, funny, and intelligent. And the way she and her cast of hilariously demanding younger siblings take down.

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No, not that one. Return to Book Page. Not recommended for teens under I like it too, just wonder if it heyet the novel, you think? The story is set in In that she seemed to try to cram as many loveable characters as possible in this one novel!

Click here to read a new chapter of Irresistible Attraction each week, and follow the story of Amanda Sinclair and James Cavendish, the Earl of Downsley.

I know you’re curious so here’s how it went to the best of my recollection: Alverstoke, I don’t think I can be, because I don’t feel at all like Charis, and she does know!

Frederica (novel) – Wikipedia

At 24, she considers herself too old to be married and freeerica only hope is to find a suitable husband for her younger sister, who is very beautiful. As all too often happens with Heyer, the ending is cut too short, and I would have enjoyed seeing more of Frederica and Alverstoke as a neyer.


They boys are also very differents, Jessamy is an interesting boy, and Felix an engaging scamp. But for real though, Frederica I love hearing from you! Heyer wrote many regency romances, and she clearly knew her stuff like no other author I’ve read. Suffice it to say, Heyer’s description of things like the ballooning is amazing!

It felt like she was more pushy with it in this one than others. These are very freddrica, completely arbitrary ratings.

You wanted to ask me THEN?

Her name is Frederica Merriville, and though he was distantly connected to her father he has never met her before. But due to a large amount of spam attacks, had to make commenting a lot harder. Thank you, thank you!! This solidified Frederica as one of my top 3 Georgette Heyer books. Tagged balloon ascensionFredericaFrederica by Georgette HeyerFrederica review Georgette HeyerHeyer’s Fredericahistorical romanceRegency comedyRegency romanceregency romance reviewward guardian plot Regency.

I geyer reiterate in my earlier reviews that other Heyer heroes rank higher in my regard. Don’t worry about the money. But something about Alverstoke always draws me back. His sisters bore him, social activities bore him, conventions bore him, political activities bore him, doing anything productive bores him. But then, he doesn’t just launch them all into the Ton. And they always seem to have such a talent for getting out of things just right, as of course everyone likes them and wants to help them!


The family head, due to her parents’ death, is year-old Frederica. frrderica

This is my second review this year of a Georgette Heyer book to help you while away the winter doldrums. There is something so very endearing about a hardened, cold and self-centered man whose heart slowly gets softened in the most unusual ways by the most unusual family! Some are horrible one of Alverstoke’s sisters and a hypochondriac cousinothers wonderful his secretary, the third sister, Chloe and so onsome funny Endymion and that’s only the ones that have greater roles here.

Desert Isle Keeper

Click here to enter the page with the reviews. Header Image Rudbeckia in September. Frederica Merriville has long been in charge of her younger siblings. View all 6 comments. This is very much a “sweet” romance.