GoldWave is a commercial digital audio editing software product developed by GoldWave Inc, . Español · Français · 한국어 · Italiano · Polski · Português · Suomi · Tiếng Việt · 中文 · Edit links. This page was last edited on 22 December This app module enhances access and usage of Goldwave audio editor. Goldwave and keyboard commands, refer to Goldwave Manual. GoldWave is a digital audio editor that offers an array of functionalities such as See more apps in Tom’s Guide for more Windows Information and Windows.

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Choose the Add button. Interpolate Interpolate see figure below uses linear interpolation to smooth out the waveform within the selection.

Download GoldWave 6.30 for Windows

Set Steepness to The original file is not changed until it is saved. Choose the Change button. System requirements The minimum system requirements for a correct download and installation of GoldWave are: Manal Points can be added, moved, and removed by using these controls.

After choosing the Configure button, hold down each pedal for two seconds starting with the play pedal, then the rewind pedal, and finally the fast forward pedal.

Use shape Lets you manually create an envelope shape or select a preset shape. A beveled frame indicates what part of the sound is currently displayed and zoomed. A zero value loops forever. A value of 60 or less gives good results, but you may want to use higher values to get an extra detailed spectrogram.

If the left and right channels are in phase, the pattern is a diagonal line running from the lower left to the upper right. You can click on the folder button to browse for a folder. These windows contain a waveform graph of the sound with a time axis near the bottom.


Foot pedal, hold A three switch pedal controls playback, rewind, and fast forward. General Informationprovides support, copyright, and warranty information. See Editing Overview for more information about selecting part of a file. If a file type supports customized attributes, then the Attributes label will become a link you can choose to display a configuration window.

It prompts you to provide a destination folder where GoldWave will be installed. The second button button 2 or B starts and stops recording. When mixing more than a couple of sounds, you should reduce the mixing volume and the destination volume to prevent clipping distortion. By entering small numbers such as 0.

The “Notch” preset is effective for removing a simple tone from a sound, such as a 60Hz hum or telephone dial tones.

You must save those files in an “audio only” format. On the command line, enter the following parameters: When you open a file in GoldWave, these steps are followed: A volume of 0dB is full volume.

Use the Expander or Compressor mode to specify what processing is required. Offsets may interfere with other effects as well. Set Steepness to 10 or higher. Add all the songs to the Files list and begin processing.

See the File Format section above if GoldWave could not open the file.

A higher steepness makes the filter sharper, but it also increases processing time. Release the mouse button to finish the changes. Choose ezpaol Static option.

GoldWave (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Left is rewind, right is fast forward, down is pause, and up unpauses. The arrow will change into a target crosshair. In GoldWave the Doppler effect dynamically alters or bends the pitch of the selection. Appendix D gives a tutorial for recording audio from a turntable, removing noise, and splitting the file into tracks for CD-R burning. Remove all high end hiss noise from a voice recording. After deleting the selection, these two different amplitude will be right next to each other, causing a click.


If the first word is Startthen select the command from the main Windows task bar menu structure instead. The currently selected channel is shown in the status bar. This makes the effect more full and pronounced.

Sounds are displayed graphically as a waveform and the level of detail can be changed by zooming in or out. Audio is recorded into the selection of the Sound window replacing any audio that was previously there.

In the “Finish marker position” group, set the Time to 1 and choose the From beginning radio button. Playback Speed Increases or decreases the playback speed by changing the Speed fader on the Control window.

Save Selection As saves the selected part of the sound to a file. GoldWave will inform you if this happens. It begins playback on a separate thread without pausing or holding up the main program thread.