Txtng. The Gr8 Db8. David Crystal. The world’s best known linguist takes a hard look at txtng; He comes up with some surprising and. Txting: the gr8 db8 by David Crystal. A linguist finds text messaging nothing to fear, discovers Tom Lamont. Tom Lamont. Sat 10 Oct Txtng has ratings and 52 reviews. Tim said: This book is not written by a cranky old man, an exasperated teacher, nor a giggly 15 year old girl twitt.

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Others find the abbreviations used in text messaging to be a bastardization and db88 of the language. Feb 24, Deb rated it liked it. Sometimes popular culture gets it right.

While I critique both purchased and free gr in the same way, I’m legally obligated to tell you I received this book free through the Amazon Vine program in return for my review. It is written by a linguistics professor, which is what makes it so fascinating. Mobile phones Language reviews. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

He explains how texting began, how it works, who uses it, and how much it is used, and db shows how to interpret the mixture of pictograms, logograms, abbreviations, symbols, and wordplay typically used in texting. MMS Multimedia Messaging Gt8 offers more ambitious options, including the transmission of photographs, sound files, video, and graphics, as well as longer messages.

He definitely mined the research fields pretty thoroughly.

Book Review: Txtng, The Gr8 Db8

On the other hand, Crystal notes that there is little evidence yr8 texters confuse texting with formal writing. Short messaging, short mail, SMSing, person-to-person messaging, mobile messaging, wireless messaging, text messaging, texting, txtng. Analyzing text messages helped prosecutors by disproving an alibi, which put a killer in prison.

I remember going through summers when I was younger without ever picking up a pen or pencil. Imho in my humble opinionreaders seeking a light look at texting may say iooh I’m out of here when this book starts getting too technical, but language lovers will likely devour every word of this book. Crystal says the concern over texting lingo has been greatly yr8 he says that on average, less than 10 percent of words in text messages are abbreviated.


In the book Txting: Given that this book was first published inand has sat unread on my shelf since then, I expected that it would be outdated, and largely superseded by developments in technology. On the whole an interesting look at the linguistic side of texting, but not Crystal’s best book that I’ve read.

Dec 08, tomlinton rated it it was ok. Entertaining enough, did not rock my world. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. With the continued rise of social networking platforms that rb8 the distinction between text messages, online chat, and blogging, and with the move away from mobile phones with numeric keypads in favour of smartphones and tablets with touchscreens, the character text message may not be around in its current f Given that this book was first published inand has sat unread on my shelf since then, I expected that it would be outdated, and largely superseded by developments in technology.

It does not degrade or destroy people linguistic abilities.

Txtng: The Gr8 Db8 by David Crystal

Whenever a new cultural phenomenon like texting sweeps through suddenly, it can be very difficult to find a calm, data-based source of information. The popular belief is that texting has evolved as a twenty-first century phenomenon — as a highly distinctive graphic style, full of abbreviations and deviant uses of language, used by a young generation that doesn’t care about standards.

I sit by him in kemistry, I sit by him in chemistry, it splits my oms it splits my atoms wen he: Don’t let that “the gr8 db8” subtitle fool you – there’s very little in the way of debate in these pages Crystal declares text messaging to be a good thing at the end of Chapter 1.

Big Surprise What really surprised me? I have heard plenty of people say texting is destroying literacy and this book would seem to argue somewhat successfully that such is not the case. The book does a great job in convincing me that there is really nothing either deviant or inappropriate about how texting came to be. But once procedures were in place, texting rocketed. Sep 18, Amy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Crystal, a world renowned linguist and pr Text messaging has spread like wildfire.


Besides, he suggests, Britain’s moral panic brigade should be thankful that trends here haven’t developed as they have in Japan, where teenagers enjoy a ritual called keitai dating, sitting around a table in near-silence to flirt by SMS.

The author gives many examples of how language is already full of abbreviations and plays on words. The book also includes an interesting chapter on texting in othe The author of this book has an interesting, and positive, view on the texting phenomenon.

Previous text language and text-like language usages include: Good for its date of writing or so but dated now. Crystal, a world renowned linguist and prolific author on the uses and abuses of English, here looks at every aspect of the phenomenon of text-messaging and considers its effects on literacy, language, and society.

‘Gr8 Db8’ Defends The Linguistics Of Texting : NPR

Crystal makes some great points throughout the book and I have to agree with him. World figures went from 17 billion in to billion in And the best way to understand texting is this: The book is an excellent reality check and a dbb8 insight into an innovative communication medium.

Its graphic distinctiveness is not a totally new phenomenon.

And if it is providing benefits, we need to know how to build on them. He has written or edited over books and published numerous rb8 for scholarly, professional, and general readerships, in fields ranging from forensic linguistics and ELT to the liturgy and Shakespeare. Why are we beginning to question this type of communication now?

What is Distinctive About it?