First published in and out of print for the past 40 years (except for a handsome limited edition from Centipede Press), Guy Endore’s “The. The Werewolf of Paris. Guy Endore .. But in the torrid atmosphere of Paris, a nodding acquaintance ripens quickly to intimacy. At any rate among Americans. The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore – book cover, description, publication history.

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But I skimmed those parts, and tue the rest for the most part. Then the two souls war with each other. But this had no symbolic meaning, nor any real value. Literally, man is a wolf to man. The blood he sheds is a hideous parody of the blood of Christ.

This is eneore one of the many moments throughout the book that rings so modern. The main story about Bertrand, his birth, upbringing, life, and etc.

Dust-jacket of 1st edition of The Werewolf of Paris. Here is a story that has a little bit of everything: Unbeknownst to Aymar, Bertrand suffers in a small cell, drugged when he is visited by his uncle.

Anyway, thanks again, Marvin! But it behooves us to watch sharply lest the race of mankind go into eclipse before the rise of a race of beasts Bertrand was different from the moment of his birth. Later, in a moment of weakness, Bertrand will seduce his mother and she will conceive. Her imagination had already put her there a thousand times. I quite enjoyed it, and found the historical events better for the horror, and the horror better for the historical events.

Francis McComasnotable sci-fi pf mystery writers in the s and s, described Werewolf as a “superb blend of fantasy and psycho-pathology and history. Horror fiction ; Historical fiction. Fearing that he’ll accidentally kill Sophie, Bertrand goes out one night to feed on someone else.

Aug 18, Sandy rated it it was amazing. Overall this was a good tale, though I would say it came across much more as historical fiction for me than as pure horror which in my opinion is fine.


Wolfie neets she wolf, and dumps Sophie so quick. Stunning in its sexual frankness and eerie, fog-enshrouded visions, this nove In a work that strives to do for werewolves what Stoker’s Dracula did for vampires, Endore’s werewolf, an outcast named Bertrand Caillet, travels round seeking to calm the beast within. The transformations are also kept mysterious, with the exception of one scene where he feels his tongue flattening and extending into a more lupine form.

His stepfather notices his sinister secret as he enters adolescence and attempts to stem the tide by locking him away in his bedroom. Certainly Bertrand exudes a sort of magnetism much is made of his eyes and the sexual elements are most definitely there. Overall, this book was a very worthwhile read.

She loves all of mankind and wants to give herself to all of mankind—literally, not metaphorically. The secondary characters are finely drawn and the historical backdrop of the Franco-Prussian War and Paris Commune well-detailed. In the beginning of the novel, Aymar is firmly opposed to the Church.

The Werewolf of Paris : A Novel

And that explains how there are men in this world who are only monsters in disguise, playing for a moment at being men, the kings of creation. It is nice to see that the old Wolfman costume actually had basis in fiction and not just lazy costume design.

Meat-Eating If I was surprised at the vindication of religion and the critique of atheistic science in this novel, I was many times more surprised at its commentary on meat-eating. To Sophie, who fantasizes fndore a double suicide, this is romantic, but there is nothing romantic about it. Od crimes are contrasted with the horrors of the Paris Commune and the even greater horrors of the reprisals by the Versailles government. I knew virtually zilch about the Commune before going into this book, but feel that I’ve learned quite a bit about it now, and in a fun way, too.


It was very fast reading, and when it kept my interest, it really kept my interest. I haven’t read enough to be able to declare Endore is the first writer to use the myth, but he is definitely one that made it popular. Part horror story and part historical fiction, it follows the travails of the titular werewolf of Paris from his birth to his death, as emdore as his place in the blood-drenched moment of history known as the Franco-Prussian War that was followed by the ill-fated Paris Commune.

Lying abed, he thinks himself abroad, roaming great pine-woods in a distant country, slinking by on soft padded paws, or yelling in a pack at the flying hoofs of three horses dragging a sleigh in a gallop across a ot plain.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Patis wolfman myth is especially intriguing since I may become one myself.

The Werewolf of Paris – Wikipedia

With two such unusual origins, the union of Bertrand and Sophie was bound to be a strange one. Still You can’t help feeling sorry for him for the entire story. This book has given me a lot to think about and the werewolf is the least of it.

Oct 15, D-day ewrewolf it really liked it Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem. We use cookies oof give you the best possible experience. He perverted the act of love by making it an act of violence and now, instead of leading his flock to eternal life, he leads innocent beasts to their deaths.