With Mother Nature, U.S. anthropologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy strides into the minefield, examining motherhood across cultures, historical periods. In this provocative, groundbreaking book, renowned anthropologist (and mother) Sarah Blaffer Hrdy shares a radical new vision of motherhood and its crucial. “As was the case for her earlier classic, Mother Nature, Sarah Hrdy’s Mothers and Others is a brilliant work on a profoundly important subject. The leading.

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We’re capable of immense feats of learning.

But it’s also well written, interesting, and hrdg funny. That requires both males and females to invest heavily in social skills for bargaining with other members of their groups. She also stands by her view that humans evolved as cooperative breedersmaking them essentially unable to raise offspring without a helper. The most selfless mother award has to be given to the matriphagous literally “mother-eating” spider hrry Australia, which breeds one time only, since her childrearing duties involve preparing her living body for consumption by her new offspring.

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The invention of agriculture changed this dynamic, and unfortunately for women, it was for the worse. Could it be that infants and children need to bond imprint with a caregiver, and for caregivers to do the same for dependent infants and children because that’s how the group and individuals within the group were able to survive? If you found yourself interested in the bits on primatology, pick up her earlier book The Woman that Never Evolved. If he pays close attention, he just might learn a thing or two about what natural mothering is all about.


Aug 01, Dri rated it did not like it Shelves: How such singular human capacities evolved, and how they have kept us alive for thousands of generations, is the mystery revealed in this bold and wide-ranging new vision of human emotional evolution. That’s why puppies and kittens are so darn cute.

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy – Wikipedia

Academy cites Sarah Hrdy for scientific reviewing”. Toronto-area woman at centre of court fight over brain death has died, family says. Nature is cruel, mother is not nature. After trial, you’ll get 3 titles each month: Jun 22, Sianna rated it really liked it. Of course it’s the saddest thing.

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

Paperbackpages. We send out birth weight with a baby announcement, because it’s an instinctive gauge of how healthy she is.

Hrdy strips away stereotypes and gender-biased myths to demonstrate that traditional views of maternal natyre are essentially wishful thinking codified as objective observation. Why is that hdry case if they are not kin? I had to tell myself pretty often “she’s not denying any of that stuff, it’s just not what the book is about.

They married in When an outside male takes over a group, he usually proceeds to kill all infants. It’s pretty sobering reading.

Review: Mother Nature, by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

Forget the image of an aging starlet, and think total warrior. How does it match up with Hrdy’s various references to different, innate temperaments?

Hrdy strips away stereotypes and gender-biased myths to demonstrate that traditional views of maternal behavior are essentially wishful thinking codified as objective observation. I was finally motivated to pull this weighty tome down off of the shelf after an intriguing review by my sister of Hrdy’s most recent work: With Mother NatureU. A cornucopia of data and ideas about the biology and behavior of mothers great and small.


Review: Mother Nature, by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy – The Globe and Mail

Jul 25, Sonja rated it it was amazing. We know of course that non-kin allomothers her term extend their love, care, concern and interest to babies even when non-related. Hrdy presents a well-argued case for human evolutionary history being characterized by cooperative offspring care, which opens fresh avenues of research into the history of our species.

Abandoning his low profile for the life of a bully, it is Peter Pan’s turn to patrol the forest like a quarrelsome troubadour in the quest of a maiden, uttering deep roars and fighting any other adult male he meets.

Here as elsewhere she urges caution and compassion toward women whose maternal role must be constantly rethought and readjusted to meet the demands of a changing world. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments jother will not be able to engage with them in any way.

Refresh and try again. At the extreme, maternal behaviour may manifest itself in the form of child abandonment and infanticide: