The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. Jeremy Narby, Author Putnam Publishing Group $ (p) ISBN Swiss-Canadian anthropologist Dr Jeremy Narby argues in his book, The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, that the twin. This adventure in science and imagination, which the Medical Tribune said might herald “a Copernican revolution for the life sciences,” leads the reader.

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I like how he tries to find evidentiary support for all of his claims. The mythological twinned serpents are also connected to knowledge itself.

Is the world inherently symbolic? My disappointment isn’t that his hypothesis is so unexpected which can jfremy great! As you can see, there are a lot of positive things about this book!

But did I write a breathless book about it and pretend that none of this had ever occurred to anyone else in the western world and that only I, on my personal magical mystery tour into the world of psychedelics, had discovered the ONE TRUE SECRET that would forever re-write the laws of science and place me alongside Copernicus, Newton and Einstein?

At the Cambridge University social anthropology department’s fifth-world project, held last year, pharmaceutical microbiologist Ann Mitchell spoke of working with shamanic healer Noe Rodriguez Jujuborre, of the Muinane ethnic group of the Colombian rainforest. As you can see, there are a lot of Let’s start with what I liked.

It brings together so many of the issues that interest me: It is a tremendously important book. It was a similar process when a Catholic priest first suggested the “big bang” as first cause of the universe. While many in the scientific world have scoffed at his theories, Jeremy Narby has succeeded at least in throwing a monkey wrench in the the more-myth-than-truth paradigm of science and has opened the door for inquiry into what may prove to be the future of human knowledge.


The Cosmic Serpent – Wikipedia

Narby describes his descent into a rabbit-hole like a mystery novel or an adventure flick, so it’s a very edible read. In fact, he’s guilty of the same “cowboy science” he criticizes. But beyond these speculations Narby hopes for deeper research into the hallucinogens at a chemical level as well as the interactions with other living beings, and also hopes that these speculations will also lead to greater advances in pharmacology and medicine.

But were they the first?

The Cosmic Serpent DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

The Cosmic Serpent is a thorough, entertaining, and enlightening exploration into the ancestral wisdom passed down through tribal knowledge–and how it meets or even exceeds Western understanding of human development and evolution. As the aperiodic crystal of DNA is shaped like two entwined serpents, two ribbons, a twisted ladder, a narrby, or a vine, we see in our trances serpents, ladders, cords, vines, trees, spirals, crystals, and so on.

Those who drink the brew serpeht from the ayahuasca experience several visual hallucinations that give them what they believe are deeper understandings of plants for medication found throughout the rainforest. Narby’s experience as an anthropologist in the Amazon leads him to believe that ancient indigenous tribes in South America, Africa, and Australia have common themes in their shammanistic traditions, imagery, and mythology that mirror the work being done by microbiologists today.

He looks for more similarities in science and ancient shammanism to create his own understanding of where we come from and why we are here. DNA is an actual vector through the electromagnetic fields of which human beings and seerpent animals receive instructions about how to interact with their world. Knowledge, he concludes, may be able to transmit itself though the ‘twin serpents’ or ‘Cosmic Serpent which is also DNA’ directly into human consciousness.


But this work has taken him tantalizingly close harby all these ultimate answers. Paperbackpages. I think zaney unexpected ideas in science are fascinating and can lead to unexpected breakthroughs and major paradigm shifts.

The snakes, he writes, communicate, or “teach” him. Claude Levi-Strauss showed in his book, The Savage Mind, that human beings have been carefully observing nature and endlessly testing hypotheses for at least jerfmy, years.

The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge by Jeremy Narby

I realize this was published two decades ago and the study of biology doesn’t stand still, so evidence used by Narby e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jujuborre says the purpose of his knowledge is healing, which should cosmiv be done for a fee.

Trained as an anthropologist, Narby spends two years in Peruvian amazon observing shamanic rituals in particular use of hallucinogens also experiments with them himself.

Narby is brave, cautious, and eloquent stating his thesis: This book is written by an anthropologist desperately trying to shed anthropologies racist and colonial foundations.