Kate Morton – Casa de la Riverton. 1 like. Book. Kate Morton – Casa de la Riverton. Book. 1 person likes this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. Verano de Durante una rutilante fiesta de la alta sociedad en Riverton Manor, un joven y prometedor poeta se quita la vida. Invierno de Grace. The House at Riverton is the first novel by Australian author Kate Morton, published in the United Kingdom by Pan Macmillan in June It has been selected.

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Dec 18, JoLee rated it it was ok Shelves: Some reveiwers did not enjoy Morton’s use of flashbacks, tapes, and letters. This was a good historical read, it has a double story going on for the main character. Trivia About The House at Rive I gave it two stars because some parts didn’t suck.

All set against the gorgeous backdrop of the English countryside, it’s a powerful and emotional tale about fighting your desires and knowing when it’s time to give in. The Remains of the Day has so much character development. Fuerte, impactante, te da ganas de lx todo y gritar. You can find more information about Kate Morton and her books at http: The use of foreshadowing became a bit repetitive, giving the book the feel of a serial at times. As a young girl, Grace is sent to work at Riverton.

I can’t explain exactly what I mean by that; I was just touched by moton in some way. Seriously, most of the main characters die as a result of her actions. I probably would have enjoyed Kate Morton’s debut novel The House at Riverton dde if I had not already experienced the greater expression of her writing talent in The Forgotten Garden.

I finally finished it. But great British Gothic stories are almost always tragic, aren’t they? It’s also a meditation on memory and the devastation of war and a beautifully rendered window into a fascinating time in history. To celebrate the revival of Riverton, Hannah and her husband plan an extravagant midsummer gala.

As expected, with the onset of Katf War I life as the Riverton household understands it will inescapably alter.


Also, Grace is an awful, awful person. After almost 3 years, I’ve finished reading all 6 of her books; it’s a tad amusing that the last one I read is actually riveerton first book she wrote — The House at Riverton, or The Shifting Fog, as it was previously known.

La casa de Riverton / The House at Riverton: A Novel

The House at Riverton 57 Dec 13, I did think the part when Emmeline went to the fortune teller and view spoiler [ the fortune teller’s tarot cards kept coming up with the death card hide spoiler ] I thought this was really creepy and spooky!

I absolutely loved every single second I spent in this universe, and I could have gone on reading forever I have a sense that Morton writes books that could very well be adapted into mini-series: I also liked how some script pages, letters, E-Mails and articles were added into the story.

I found the romances that took place believable as well, and also rather “tender”. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Aug 23, Kate rated it it casx ok. Hannah is living in London and unhappily married caas an older businessman; Robbie provides a glimpse of the life she wanted to have. For years Grace has hidden a terrible secret. Eleven-year-old Emmeline is infatuated, but year-old Hannah is less impressed. The author drifts back and forth between the times with mkrton, drawing the kxte deeper into the story with each transition.

Grace was to give the letter to Emmeline after rivertom party to give them chance to get away. The transitions between the past and the present were done very well and it all fit together better than I would have expected. Another concern I had was how certain storylines were left too open-ended for my taste. Grace opens the second letter addressed to Emmeline; it is a suicide note saying that Hannah will have drowned herself in the lake by the time the letter is read.

Oct 22, Denisse rated it liked it. She quickly becomes fascinated by Hannah and Emmeline, granddaughters df her employer Lady Violet and daughters to Master Frederick Hartford. There’s a family torn apart by war. It is one of many secrets in the novel.


This book is a must read for lovers of historical novels and enthralling, well-written, atmospheric mysteries, The House at Riverton is a literary feast for those who love writers like Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwan or Daphne DuMaurier and books reminiscent of The Forsythe Saga, Upstairs,Downstairs and Water for Elephants. This book stayed with me for ages after i’d finished it. A woman, from modern times, is in a nursing home and circumstances require her to remember her early years as a serving girl in a wealthy, British home during the WWI era.

La casa de Riverton / The House at Riverton: A Novel by Kate Morton | : Books

I enjoyed the story though it is a slow moving one, and though it wasn’t entirely satisfying in some respects, I felt it was well done and engaging.

All said, it’s a must read. And Kate Morton does a wonderful job of blending these influences to perfection.

Everyone had seen and done so much. I absolutely loved the mysteries as they all slowly unfolded and everyone’s lives, their passions, their secrets, were revealed. Casq type mystery, haunted house, family secrets, World War I, the s.

Lorraine tourist 2 11 May 02, Of course, the story is kafe as simple as that, and many secrets have been kept for almos The House at Riverton tells the story of a Manor House in Essex during WW1 and the beginning of the s, told from the perspective of a housemaid, now 98 and living in an old people’s home in After that, I’m supposed to be excited that she becomes an archaeologist and lives to beor whatever? I found this to be very entertaining, with a satisfying gothic-like feel to the story.

It is quite long, which put me off for a while, though it had been sitting on my shelf for a year or so. Hannah is depressed and distant. Dec 08, Catherine rated it it was ok.