Posts about LiveCycle Data Services Tutorial written by devgirl. Flex Data Access category in Tour de Flex and locating a sample for the specific area of LCDS. 0. Share. Tutorials. Free Flex 4, Hibernate 3, and Spring 3 Integration Refcard. Videos Part 2 ยท Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS. In the last few months, I’ve seen an explosion in the number of Financial Services firms interested in building Real Time Trader Desktop.

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After looking at a handful of the blog posts on your site, I reaally appreciate your way of writing a blog.

Flex and Java

Just to note that the Swiz framework includes very nice support for dynamic ChannelSet creation. Externaliser la configuration de ses remoteObjects. As I said above, using this option requires you to use runtime channel definitions and set them on your LCDS components, but also offers you full control over which channel is used when, and allows you to easily switch where one is pointing for instance localhost versus another server destination.

Thanks for the post.

What are the steps required to build an application. We pass the newly created Product instance reference to product so that user can modify the values of newly created product from formSelectedProduct control.

You can also enable throttling using the Max Frequency input field which defines the maximum number of messages per second you want the client to get tutoial subscription in other words, per symbol in this specific application. Now when you select an item from the data grid, it will appear for editing in the form. This site uses cookies.


Performance Tuning: Real Time Trader Desktop with Flex and LCDS

Configuring DataGrid columns Flash Builder 4 has an excellent feature which allows developers to configure columns. One of the major feature of LCDS is it provides a server side push implementation to your flex app. This is still not tutorjal we want because the endpoint URL is still hardcoded in the fflex. The first eight columns provide the test parameters. If you change the number of symbols tothe generator will still push a total of messages, but each symbol will now get two updates per second.

This is not a valid file system path reachable via the app server and is also not a path to a resource in your J2EE application archive. Now that I have worked with it for awhile, I realize there really tutlrial one main configuration file called services-config.

But performance is prime to us and we need to use realtime data. Application will launch in a browser and displays the data retrieved from the server as shown in the image below.

Post Your Answer Discard By tutoria “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I always enjoy reading your posts. Save and run your application. What do you think? Sujit Reddy G says: This article is aimed at developers and distills the essential steps needed to set up model-driven development with LiveCycle Data Services ES2 and Flash Builder 4 beta 2.

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This free gift from nature can be turned into functional items and works of art. Flash Builder will generate all code required to consume the service selected and will list the Inventory service in the services explorer tutotial shown in the image below. This change removes application server security from RDSDispatchServlet so you flez focus on writing code during development and not security issues. In the generated result handler add the following code.


Externalizing Service Configuration using BlazeDS and LCDS | Christophe Coenraets

Edit the file and add a reference to the data source as follows: Furthermore, eating food items having lots of nourishment in addition to small amounts of calories is extremely helpful with removing excess fat too.

As the server starts up, you will see a line that shows the port that hsqldb is using. Devgirl’s Weblog Trials and tribulations of software development. You can Download the trial or a free developer version to get started from this URL http: If you set the value to 1, the client will receive a maximum of one message per second per symbol. So Flash Builder 4 will switch to the source view and lets you enter the argument as shown in the image below.

Please find tutorial on model driven development and setup instructions at this URL https: Consider employees such as your waiters and give them enough room to move around to serve diners as quickly as possible and with ease and comfort.

Also important to note, configuring this way does not require the services configuration to be compiled into your SWF.

There are two components you will need to start up: All of this is described in-depth in the LCDS Developer documentation for those looking for more information.