During an interview on television in the summer of , Alexander A. I. Solzhenitsyn, Lenin v Tsiurikhe (Paris, ); Lenin in Zurich (New York,. ). Chapters from Solzhenitsyn’s planned multi-volume work on war and revolution. Whether it is fiction Lenin in Zurich. by Alexander Solzhenitsyn Reviewed by. This excerpt from Solzhenitsyn’s projected multi-volume work on the Russian Revolution shows Lenin stewing in Switzerland during World War.

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Despite Solzhenitsyn’s determination to reduce Lenin to small, neurotic size, the book is good fun as historical reconstruction and an intriguing installment in the writer’s effort to prove that the Russian Revolution was a vast misfortune.

Because it is a collection of excerpts, the narrative has a disjointed feel, but ib succeeds in conveying the atmosphere of life in Switzerland during World War I, and introduces the This book consists of excerpts from the Red Wheel series. I have a lot of time for Solzhenitsyn’s prose, even as he interpolates his nuanced and sensitive psychological study with obtusely dense historical nitty-gritty.

The details of the German connection are the fruit of Solzhenitsyn’s detective work; he claims to have discovered major new evidence in Zurich, though his bibliography cites only standard primary and secondary sources. Books by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Solzhenitsyn was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in The self-absorption, despair, arrogance, and refusal to act for esoteric reasons of theory ring all too true.

This book consists of excerpts from the Red Wheel series. He takes the reader inside Lenin’s mind and persona as uzrich ultimate Communist paces his Swiss haunt like a caged tiger.


The almost unimaginable horror Lenin, followed by Stalin, unleashed on the Russian people, isn’t really present in the book because it ends before he takes power, but there’s no mistaking his belief in violence, his constant counsel and measuring stick. And whenever there threatens to be something to the almost nihilistic cynicism concerning the chaotic, frequently ad hoc and vain machination of ideologues, Solzhenitsyn alexande do something frustrating, like go and dedicate most of a chapter to fawning over Alexander Parvus and his financial acumen nonetheless a fascinating character I was glad to learn of.

Lenin in Z├╝rich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Marx and Lenin looked like harmless academics. I was reading Catherine Merridale’s “Lenin on the Train” which chronicles the start of the Russian revolution and the machinations which led to Lenin’s return through Germany to oversee the budding uprising; and I remembered that I alexandder purchased this at a book sale so I put down the other and started reading this.

I was kind of surprised that Merridale didn’t use this in her footnotes but I don’t know what sources Solzhenitsyn used to gather data for this and maybe the later work used the same.

Aug 06, Patrick Peterson rated it really liked it Shelves: He doesn’t seem markedly different solzheniteyn the portrayal in Merridale’s book.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I’m a little surprised it was printed in solzhenittsyn form, as it is quite a short novel around a fifth of the length of August Interior monologue–which lacks the genuine empathy of Solzhenitsyn’s earlier fiction–depicts his vexed relationship with French revolutionary Inessa Armand his lover and with his wife Natalya, who “stayed, determined never to stand in his way.


Time is rushing by now, and it may be too late. Google new characters to get some context for their role in history. I want to solzhennitsyn what happened when he returned to Russia! Originally published on my blog here in June There’s little evidence I know of that contradicts Solzhenitsyn’s portrait of Lenin. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Like taking the Napoleon chapters out of ‘War and Peace’

This damned muddle over permanent revolution inn another reason why he, Parvus I read this as a follow-up to his Augustas it contains the missing censored Chapter To train herself lejin to feel it.

To an extent this highlights my stark ambivalence about the novel. Nov 17, Jeffrey Cole added it. Not a brilliant storyline but a fascinating insight into the life on one of the most important men of the 20th century.

Robert burke rated it really liked it Sep 16, Nov 29, Steve rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well, one has to be relatively iron-willed and not a little monomaniacal. I couldn’t tell if I was reading something happening “now” or something that had happened in the past of the book itself.

Solzhenitsyn applies his in-depth studies of Lenin to give an insight into the thinking of the man, dramatized for us. May 16, Ray Evangelista rated it it was amazing.