[automatically translated] In the last decade organocatalysis and ionic liquids they represented two large fields of interest. Organocatalysts have found particular. Aspetti ecotossicologici dei liquidi ionici: tesi di laurea. Front Cover. Sara Brunini. QR code for Aspetti ecotossicologici dei liquidi ionici. Esafluorofosfato è il nome dell’anione di formula PF6−. È una specie ottaedrica, isostrutturale . e clorometano. Alcuni liquidi ionici contenenti PF6− possono però decomporsi termicamente producendo fluoruro di idrogeno gassoso.

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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

Polyhedron, So we focused on the multiple glycosylation of a calixarene to give structurally defined glycoclusters. Saielli; Effect of asymmetric substitution on the mesomorphic behaviour of low-melting viologen salts of bis trifluoromethanesulfonyl amide J. Saielli; Comparison of the liquii behaviour of 1: Scorrano; Substituent effects on the through-space nuclear magnetic spin-spin coupling in van der Waals dimers.

Pressure-responsive mesoscopic structures in room temperature ionic liquids. Scorrano; Through-space spin-spin coupling in acetylenic systems.


An ab-initio and DFT study. Implications for the use of Xe as a molecular probe. Herein we use molecular dynamics simulations to explore the nm-scale architecture in 1-octylmethylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate, as a function of pressure.

Nordio; Simulated time-resolved fluorescence in ordered phases.


Moreover, ILs have been proved to be good microwave absorbers and are well suited in reactions using microwave MW dielectric heating. E65, In this solvent, the CuI-catalyzed cycloaddition in the absence of i-Pr2EtN afforded the 1,4-disubstituted sugar triazole as main product and in liquii yield.

DOI Frontispiece 95 S. Field-induction of a smectic A phase in a Gay-Berne mesogen.

Esafluorofosfato – Wikipedia

MD simulation and theoretical model. Soft Matter8, Saielli; Computational spectroscopy of ionic liquids for bulk structure elucidation.

Jump to site search. Saielli; MD simulation of xenon in ionic liquids: Go to our Instructions for using Copyright Clearance Center page for details.

Properties and Applications of Ionic Liquids. For reproduction of material from NJC: In addition we focused on the copper I -catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition under base-free conditions. Today9, In all cases the Ref.


Saielli; Oxadiazolyl-pyridines and perfluoroalkyl-carboxylic acids as building blocks for protic ionic liquids: Wang; Role of the electrostatic interactions in the stabilization of ionic liquidii crystals: ChemPhysChem8, USA, Mancin; Insights on nucleases mechanism: Back to tab navigation.

Wang; Diffusion mechanisms in smectic ionic liquid crystals: Saielli; Theoretical model of photoinduced intramolecular charge transfer processes. Varotto; Melamine bridged bis porphyrin-Zn II receptors: B29, If the material has been adapted instead of reproduced from the original RSC publication “Reproduced from” can be substituted with “Adapted from”. We selected the unreported coupling of ethynyl C-galactoside with methyl 6-azido-glucopyranoside to give the triazole-linked disaccharide: